Retailer information

Good quality blueberries will be plump with a fresh appearance and a uniform size. Look for berries that are deep-purple to a dark-blue with a silver-white frost or bloom, this indicates freshness.

The three Cā€™s of handling blueberries

Keep them cool

Temperatures below 5 degrees are recommended. Blueberries are highly susceptible to freezing injury so take care not to allow temperatures to drop to below 0 degrees. If possible merchandise in refrigerated shelving.

Kept at this constant temperature they will have a good shelf life for up to 10 days. Like all produce, blueberries do not like changes in temperature and this will speed up deterioration.

Handle blueberries with care

Blueberries need to be handled with care. To reduce potential damage, keep handling to a minimum.
Take particular care when transferring to displays. The naturally occurring bloom is removed if they are over handled.

Keep things clean

A clean display always helps sales!
Blueberries are a naturally stunning looking fruit ā€“ so make the most of their vibrant colour in your displays. Use the vibrant black-purple to accentuate freshness.