1 cup flour
1 tablespoon castor sugar
¾ to 1 cup blueberries
1 large egg
1/8th teaspoon cinnamon
1/8th teaspoon nutmeg
¾ cup milk
1 tablespoon butter, melted
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

Sift dry ingredients into a large bowl. Add blueberries. In a smaller bowl beat the egg. Add to dry ingredients and melted butter. Stir to mix but do not beat. Preheat frypan to a moderate heat and grease. Drop generous rounds of batter onto hot surface. Cook about 2 minutes then turn with a fish slice and cook the second side for 2 minutes. Remove to a clean tea towel or cake cooling rack. Serve warm, spread with butter and golden syrup, or as a dessert with maple syrup and whipped cream. You could also cool the pikelets and top with yoghurt (very think and creamy) or quark and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (made with 2 teaspoons of castor sugar to one teaspoon of castor sugar to one teaspoon cinnamon).